jonathan bechtel

I came out of the womb with a passion for health and nutrition.

On my 16th birthday I celebrated by getting myself a membership to the gym.

When I walked into a Vitamin Shoppe for the first time at 17 I was so elated with all the supplements on the shelves the manager offered me a job on the spot.  (I was out of town so I had to refuse).

My senior project in High School aimed to design healthy eating programs for local 4th graders.

I’ve been avidly juicing since my freshman year in college.  This was while my classmates were fiendishly testing the limits of their alcohol dehydrogenase activity in their livers and nobody knew who Joe Cross was.  It was weird back then, trust me.

During university I exuberantly ran towards lab work where I worked on a research team that was responsible for discovering the 22nd amino acid L-Pyrrolysine and developed synthetic analogues that could be used de novo in pharmaceutical applications.  

During my senior year I took the pH. D core courses for nutrition where a professor noticed I had an eye for scientific inquisition and offered me a spot in his doctoral program.  It was tempting, but I ultimately decided academia was too staid for my tastes and would rather cut my teeth in the private sector.

I have been working with Jonathan Bechtel for the last year now and have always found him to be very detailed oriented with great follow up. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and look forward to our growing business relationship.

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Then the Great Recession happened and I got a job at a bank.  Not exactly what I had in mind but it was enough to allow me to figure out I need to be involved with nutrition one way or another.

So I took my savings and decided to start my own supplement company.  I had $5,000.  That’s a grain of sand on the rocky beach that is the natural products industry, but it was enough for the down payment for my first product Incredible Greens.

It didn’t always go well (I once had to go back to work because I ran out of money), but I was able to double sales every year counting, use profits to develop three more products, get it distributed in 5 different countries, put it in grocery stores, ND’s offices, workout rooms and most importantly learn a lot about how the industry works.

One of the benefits of my starting conditions is that it forced me to turn over a lot of rocks in order to get ahead.  Much like the body does its most impactful work when it’s starved of oxygen, a business makes its most distinct progress when it must grow without capitol.

So while I decided not to become a professor in academia, I’ve become an informal professor of sorts in the nutraceutical industry.  And I absolutely love it.

I’m smitten with the idea that I’ve found my craft and can spend the rest of my life honing it.

I believe I’ve acquired more knowledge than my own company could ever use, which is why you’re reading this website.  I use my own practice as a commercial lab to refine techniques and gather valuable intelligence to distribute to others to deploy throughout their own enterprise.

If you’ve made it this far we almost certainly have something worth talking about.  Do me a favor and let’s get in touch. Contact Me Now