Are We A Good Fit?

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I’ve been doing this long enough to have figured out there are certain types of people I’m most useful for.

If you can answer these questions affirmatively we’re a very good fit:

  • Are you an aggressive marketer with ambitious plans for how you’d like to sell your product?
  • Are you new to the industry and recognize the need to have someone fill in your blind spots to help you cross your T’s and minimize costly mistakes?

If you think this describes you we really ought to have a chat.

Over the years I’ve begun to see myself as the ideal Watson to someone’s Sherlock Holmes.

I precociously handle a lot of really important details on your behalf so you can charge ahead and tackle your biggest challenges with unabated force.

It works a lot like this scene, except no one gets hurt and there aren’t any 8 foot frenchmen with acromegaly going for your throat:

But hopefully you get the idea.  I pave the trail and clean up the debris so you can charge ahead at full speed.

Here’s to our success!

What Do We Have To Lose?

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