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We bridge the gap between the marketing claims you’d like to make and the scientific gravitas necessary to give them substance.  I can formulate based off of desired cost, sourcing claims (organic, whole foods based, etc) and scientific merit (nutrient interactions relevant for specific health conditions with accompanying evidence to substantiate).


You’ll often need premium ingredients if you want to make substantiated label claims.  These often get expensive and can drive up your minimum orders… thousands of bottles.  Being able to navigate the supply chain allows you to make your product top notch and avoid ballooning costs.


Finding the right manufacturer can be tough.   As part of the product development process we tap into our network of contacts to find the right person to make your product depending on your budget, formula and business needs.

I contacted Jonathan to get his help on developing a health supplement I had in mind. He thoroughly answered every question I threw at him (and there were too many to count) and he extensively researched everything for me. After working with him we had a product nailed down and I knew exactly what all the costs were going to be. I was able to make an educated decision on whether or not to launch the product. He saved me countless hours of time and he saved me a lot of money. I can’t thank him enough and I wouldn’t hesitate in a New York minute to recommend his consulting services if you’re considering launching your own supplement business.

Travis Van Slooten

Travis Van Slooten


Getting your label right is a two-fold problem.  You have to make sure it looks nice (especially if you want to go retail) and you have to make sure it’s legally compliant.  We’ll help you do both, either by having an experienced designer work with you, making sure it’s formatted correctly according to FDA guidelines, or going over its content to make sure everything you say is copacetic with the law.


Even if you’re a small startup with a few hundred bottles of inventory 3rd party fulfillment pays for itself very quickly.  However, getting it started the right way is tedious and takes away from your core business responsibilities.  We’ll do the dirty work for you so you can focus on what really matters:  growing sales.

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Marketing Strategy

Most new companies need help figuring out how they’re going to position themselves with their marketing.  Whether you want to reach customers through brick and mortar or the internet you need to have your path to market thought out.  We’ll help you develop customer acquisition strategies based on your target audience, budget and organizational capabilities.

Testing & Quality Control

Adulteration and ingredient spoilage is a serious problem in the dietary supplement industry.  Don’t be one of those companies that gets exposed for having fraudulent products.  We’ll help you make sure your products are properly tested and help you navigate the waters if an issue comes up.

Content Development

Any marketing endeavor requires quality content to make it work.  It was how I built my company in its early stages.  We can put together scientifically literate, persuasive marketing material for both print and the web.  Whether it be copywriting for your website, blog posts, white papers, or brochures at trade shows, we’ll synthesize coherent promotional material that communicates your brand in the best way possible.

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