• How Do You Charge?

    It can either be done by hour or per project.  Per project fees begin at $500 and go upwards depending on the complexity of the task.  There’s usually an imputed hourly discount with a per-project fee, but there may be some limitations placed on the scope of the tasks performed for the fee involved.

    Alternative financing arrangements may be made under special circumstances.

  • How Does Your Process Work?

    Once we get in contact we’ll either schedule a Skype session, phone call or video chat to discuss your project and make sure we’re a good fit and we’re on the same page with regards to what you want to get done.

    If we decide to move on past that I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire to better document your project and we’ll start working on your project and your deadlines.

  • How Do You Bill?

    I send an invoice every two weeks on Friday that’s due two Fridays after that.

  • Do You Work With Everyone?

    I try and work with anyone I can, regardless of circumstance or budget but it’s possible we might not be a fit.  Some people just aren’t ready (and I’m happy to tell them this), your project might involve expertise that I’m not qualified to charge for, or it’s possible there might be conflicts of interest with the work.

    If any of these come to pass then we’ll probably have to move on.

  • What Are Your Specialties?

    I cut my teeth developing dietary supplements and those are still the products I’m most qualified to work on.

    Anything involving pills, tablets or powders is right in my wheelhouse, and I excel with developing targeted products that incorporate detailed knowledge of nutrient interactions to develop a specific therapeutic effect.


  • How Long Does It Take To......?

    Develop a formula w/o sourcing:  1-2 weeks usually

    Develop a formula w/ sourcing: 2-3 weeks

    Develop a formula w/ sourcing + get quotes:  2-3 weeks (some of this irreducibly depends on the manufacturer)

    Get a sample, run a test on it and get results:  1-2 weeks

    Get a supplement manufactured the 1st time:  6-10 weeks

    Get a supplement manufactured after the 1st time:  4-6 weeks

    Get a product manufactured, soup to nuts:  3-6 months

    These are rough guesses, but they’re usually about right.

  • What's The Largest Amount of Work You Can Handle At One Time?

    I’ve temporarily taken over the business development responsibilities of companies much larger than mine and can typically ramp up hours fairly quickly.

    Large tasks that need to be completed on short notice typically require a higher fee.


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