Easy, Customized Quotes for Your Dietary Supplement

Tired of Spinning Your Wheels Trying to Get A Quote For Your Formula?

Getting timely, honest quotes on your formula can be a hassle. I work with business owners to get competing bids on their project free of charge.

How The Process Works

1). Submit Your Quote

Fill out the attached quote sheet and project form.

2). We'll Have A Chat

We’ll discuss the details of your project and sort out loose ends.

3). I'll Fetch Bids For You

I’ll take your project and fish it out to manufacturers that are a good fit.

4). Success Is Yours!

You can now move on to the next stage of your project.

Download And Fill Out The Formula Sheet

You’ll need to reattach this in the next step.  It’s to list the ingredients in your formula.  Details about the rest of your project come next.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long Does It Take to Get a Quote?

    We shoot for a turnaround time of 5 business days.  Actual time may vary due to complexity or uniqueness of the project.

  • Am I Guaranteed to Get A Quote?

    No.  Some projects are not within the economic scope of our queue of manufacturers.  This is usually either due to unrealistically low per bottle prices or run sizes.  If there’s an issue with your formula or project that might prevent you from getting a quote we’ll discuss it with you after you submit your bid.

  • How Many Quotes Will I Get Back?

    We shoot for at least 2-3.  Beverages Will likely have only one or two.  Other projects possibly more.

  • When Will I Hear Back From You?

    We’ll try and get back to you within 1-2 business days with any questions or concerns we may have about your project.  If it warrants further discussion we may request a phone call or skype conversation to get you the best manufacturer for your project.

  • What Types of Projects Do You Get Quotes For?

    Right now it’s anything that could be considered a dietary supplement.  In practice this means something that’s a capsule, tablet, powder, stick pack, sachet, effervescent, or certain types of beverages.

  • Are You A Manufacturer?

    No.  I don’t make anything.  I take your project and prospect manufacturers who are available for work and find the best price for you.

  • How Do You Qualify Your Manufacturers?

    They’re all manufacturers that I’ve had the chance to work with in the past.  For each manufacturer I get a quote from I’ve worked directly with their QC department and upper management and have a close working relationship with.

  • Is There Any Charge?

    No, there’s no charge to you.  If you require help with additional services these may come at a charge.