Incredible Berries

Incredible Berries

The Bert to Incredible Greens’ Ernie, Incredible Berries picks up where the latter left off, except goes deeper in its development, ambition, and breadth of use.

In addition to using the same supply chain to source and manufacture Incredible Greens, Incredible Berries utilizes an additional 10 ingredients, two of which are patented.  Of particular interest is FloraGLO™ lutein, which is a carotenoid derived from Marigold flowers that has a wide body of clinical research surrounding its digestion and benefits for macular health.

It also uses European herbal extracts which follow a more rigorous regulatory protocol and have a disproportionately larger footprint in successful clinical trials.

Incredible Berries also used natural flavorings that was developed during the R&D process to mask some of its more pungent ingredients.  This flavor development process was used as a blueprint for my next two products.